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Wine Tasting with wines from the Alsace Region 🍷

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Levain et le vin

We are a sourdough bakery and natural wineshop, located on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat in Amsterdam. Every day we bake fresh sourdough bread and a range of pastries. Next to bread and wine we have high quality coffee and everyday a different sandwich. You can also find books and épicerie products like eggs, butter, sausages and vinegar. 

Our main focus is to work with only the best products we can get and as local as possible. We hope to see you soon!

Bakery and patisserie

Celebrating a birthday, babyshower, wedding, business meeting or event? You can order our seasonal specialties or larger amounts of our standard pastries. For custom orders please contact us via email. You can place an order a minimum of three days in advance. 

Levain is sourdough that is created with natural yeasts, which emerges during a fermentation proces. The bread is made by mixing this sourdough with flour, water and a little bit of salt.


Le vin
Wine that is made in the most natural way possible is called natural wine, also called vin naturel. In a nutshell: from the vineyard to bottling, as few interventions as possible take place and little to no sulphites are added.


Levain et le vin

Levain et le vin was founded by Florence Gramende in 2019. After studying Marketing in Groningen, Florence moved to Amsterdam. While she started working at Lavinia in Amsterdam she signed up for the fantastic Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland. In 2015 she completed the 12 week cookery course at Ballymaloe and moved back to Amsterdam. She then gained experience during stages in the kitchens of Ottolenghi in London, Relae in Copenhagen and then went to work at Restaurant Choux and Café Modern in Amsterdam. 

At Café Modern Florence got the opportunity to start her first bakery in the back of the restaurant. Meanwhile, with the WSET2 and WSET3 courses done, she worked for three years for Bolomey Wijnimport, learning more about natural wine. All of this resulted in combining both passions of sourdough and natural wine in levain et le vin in August 2019. Starting all by herself but now already with a team of more than 20 (parttime) employees. In March 2020 her husband Constantijn joined the bakery after quitting his job at a corporate company. They since run the bakery and wineshop together with the fantastic team. 

Headbaker Jake Partridge and manager Laura van Rijs lead the team together, assisted by Judith ter Veld managing the wine, on a daily basis since summer 2022, when Florence and Constantijn moved to France.

Coming soon

La Maletrie

With Florence’s French roots (born and raised in Montpellier), their forever dream was to move to France to renovate an old manoir or farm to live and start a business in. In 2022 they found the perfect property just 1,5h under Paris with a beautiful Chateau, a big farm, courtyard, barns and 12 hectares of woods and land, called La Maletrie. 

Their dream to start a project in France became reality and they are now busy renovating the 40 year abandoned property, to open four guestrooms and a small restaurant with a strong focus on local produce and natural wine in spring 2025. 

They will be renovating an outbuilding into a bakery in 2026 to open a sourdough bakery school where they’ll be able to teach what they love doing most: baking all kinds of sourdough breads and pastries. In the years to follow they want to add more rooms, a large space for events and a larger restaurant. 

La Maletrie will be a place for people to come sleep, eat, drink good wine, take a bath, walk in the private woods, read a book and relax. You can follow the progress on Instagram and there will be a website live soon. 

Our store

Levain et le vin is a sourdough bakery and natural wineshop. Every day we bake fresh sourdough bread and a range of pastries. We don’t bake with yeast but only with our natural sourdough starter and we let the bread proof for 24 hours.

A similar process goes for the wines we sell. All the wines are unfiltered, none or very little sulphite added and they’re made from only grape juice. The winemakers are all small producers who care about the wine they make and about our planet.

Next to the bread and wine we have high quality coffee and everyday a different sandwich. You can also find books and épicerie products like eggs, butter, sausages and vinegar.

At levain et le vin our main focus is to work with only the best products we can get and as local as possible.


Our store's footprint on the environment is minimized by being as sustainable as possible. For example, we use as little plastic as possible in the store: no straws, no plastic bags, no plastic lids, no plastic cups. The suppliers are also selected based on their sustainable approach, organic products and as local as possible. We try to minimise our food waste by for instance being critical on the amounts we make and offer the products we don't sell via TooGoodToGo. Also we occasionaly give our coffee residue to a local "wormenhotel" and give old bread to the pigs of Buitengewone Varkens.

Events and workshops

At the moment we are not offering bread baking workshops in the bakery. We are, however, looking at the possibilities of doing this again in the future.

We are busy with a new project in France: La Maletrie. Here we will offer, among other things, a multi-day bread baking course. Stay tuned!

Aiko Pop-up

13 + 14 February / 15:00 - 18:00

Sourdough workshop

Coming soon

Wine tasting

Job openings

Join our baking team!

We're looking for someone with minimum of professional sourdough baking experience to start from June 2024 for 1-3 days a week.

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